that cannot be seen

The last day
– Destiny cannot be seen

All the grandchildren were gathered on grandma's last day.
She was a famous education-minded person
around the neighborhood.

While she fought against her colon cancer,
she was also fighting for our entrance exams.

"She's so preachy until the very end"
Takashi said in a sulky attitude.

In her sickbed, grandma told us almost in a whisper.

"Don't listen to adults
when you face the really important things in life.
Put your hand on your heart and
listen to your honest feelings.
Just believe your voice, and live life to the fullest."

That was so different from what grandma always told us.
Takashi listened with his eye's wide open.
And grandma passed away as if falling asleep.

With that voice in my heart I became a teacher.
Now, twenty years later, I tell my children your words.
Grandma, thank you.