that cannot be seen

Nose hair
– Love ties cannot be seen

One day my wife said to me.
"Go and see the doctor"

"See, you have your nose hair as usual.
But it's so white suddenly. Isn't that weird?"

Such ridiculous remarks!
But yes I did my medical checkup and – BINGO.
Gastric cancer.
Thanks to early treatment I was saved.

My wife's intuition is quite amazing,
but as I questioned her, she confessed that
she had sensed something was wrong with me.
Though I hated doctors,
her words brought me to the hospital.

One day a person is not a cancer patient.
But the next day the person can be a cancer patient.

Even my wife who is like a representative of "health".

But even so, I can't tell that with my dull eyes.
And unfortunately my wife doesn’t have nose hair.

What I can do is just to say
"Take your medical checkup" every year.
She'll probably be annoyed, but still I'll say.