that cannot be seen

– Family ties cannot be seen

We are twins. We look alike so closely.
Our face. Our voice. Is so alike.
No one would notice the difference on video call.

We both get a fever when the season changes.
We both get a cavity when winter ends.

We both lost our mother when we were fifteen.

She was beautiful, kind, and hard working.
It was already too late after she had
her medical checkup for the first time in years.

Our mother told us in her sickbed.
“You can be busy, but never lose your heart.
When you are busy but feel healthy,
that’s the time you take your medical checkup.
Ordinary things don’t eternally stay ordinarily.
What’s important, is to prepare
for the day somewhere in your heart.”

We both grew up and have our own families now.
But still on our birthday each year
we have our medical checkup.
It’s our rule to go to
our mother’s grave and tell her that.

We’re almost the same age as our dead mother.
At a time when one out of two people get a cancer.