that cannot be seen

Life expectancy
– Honesty cannot be seen

Esophageal cancer. Three years left at best.

When my life expectancy was sentenced
I suddenly wanted to apologize my ex-wife.
We broke up just because
she mistook steak sauce and barbeque sauce.
I suddenly wanted to make up with my best friend.
We argued because of the potato chip stuck
in the middle of the comic book I lent.

I'm such a selfish person.
But why do I think so much about someone else?

Oh now I know.

Maybe people realize their honest self
when they cry.

Three years have passed.

I've lived so lazily for years.
But now I live honestly for someone else.

If I had my life expectancy sentenced
a lot more earlier,
I might've been a great man.
Life's not a Rakugo but I think that way.

Hey doctor.
Was it a joke when you sentenced
my life expectancy?